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Cummins UK has launched PGXL Long Life coolant to meet operator demand for lower vehicle maintenance costs and downtime as well as improved engine protection. The Propylene Glycol (PG) based coolant is suitable for all engine types from Heavy Duty Diesel engines to Light Duty applications.

This product has been engineered to meet the needs of all on/off highway, agricultural, industrial, construction, mining, marine and rail applications. Cummins PGXL Coolant is “the” recommended coolant for all Cummins engines and is the only coolant used in all Cummins Branches.

Environmentally Friendly.
One of the key features of Cummins PGXL Coolant is that it has a much lower toxicity than Ethylene Glycol (EG) based coolant and is considered safer for the environment. It is not considered a hazardous product.

Every Feature.
• Propylene Glycol based
• Much lower toxicity than EG
• Long Life
• Available in three different sizes
• For all heavy duty applications
• Suitable for light duty applications
• Suitable for off-highway, agriculture, construction, mining, rail and marine applications
• Full system protection
• Pre-mixed
• Easy to use product
• Allows easy top-up
• Test-kits available
• Meets coolant requirements for Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel 7SE298, John Deere 8650-5, Volvo, EMD,      MTU, CNH, NAVISTAR and more

Every Benefit.
• PG Environmentally friendly base
• Non hazardous product
• User friendly
• Long Life coolant
• Lower maintenance than conventional coolant
• Maximum liner pitting protection
• Improved water pump life
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Reduced vehicle downtime

To Order.
To order Cummins PGXL Coolant please call the Cummins Parts Support Team on 01933 334197 or contact your local Sales Team for more information.


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