Premium Blue® Engine Oil

For the ultimate protection of your existing or new Cummins engine, we recommend Premium Blue Extreme CJ-4 oil. Formulated for performance with today’s low sulphur diesel fuel, your engine will benefit from the use of low ash CJ-4 oil. It is superior to conventional oils in the areas of protection against engine wear, piston deposits, oil foaming and aeration, soot, sludge, and high temperatures. This means less downtime and a lower cost of ownership.

Premium Blue Extreme CJ-4 is also specifically recommended for the latest generation of emissions compliant engines to the stringent ADR-80/02 standards. Whether your engine uses Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) emissions technology or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after treatment - Cummins recommends Premium Blue Extreme CJ-4 diesel engine oil. For more details on Premium Blue Extreme  click here  or contact your local Cummins branch or dealer.

The Premium Blue engine oil range is the result of Valvoline teaming up with Cummins to develop the highest standards in diesel engine lubrication. Working together, sharing technology and product development at every level, Valvoline and Cummins have taken quality engine lubrication to a new level. Premium Blue is formulated to provide advanced performance in modern, low emission diesel engines. Premium Blue is endorsed, used and recommended by Cummins, and is an approved Cummins Engineering Standard CES20071 engine oil.

In addition Premium Blue meets or exceeds a wide range of manufacturer's and international standards. Premium Blue is a mineral based SAE 15W40 Engine Oil. 

Key Benefits 

  • Superior wear protection      
  • Long-life performance      
  • Greater cold start protection      
  • Extended drain capable

To maximise these benefits use Cummins Premium Blue oils in conjunction with extended service lube filters and Cummins recommended oils analysis programs:

  • TEC XL Booster
  • TEC PGXL Coolant
  • Cummins Extended Service Lube Filters
  • Cummins recommended oils analysis programs

Contact your local Cummis branch (click on the Locations menu) or authorized dealer for more information.