Cummins Genuine Paint

Complies With EPA Regulations for VOC'S

Protective Engine Shield. Genuine Cummins paints are not simply designed to make your customer's engine look better - the heat resistant formulation provides a durable, protective engine shield that resists corrosion and helps extend engine life. You can be sure that all of our paints comply with EPA regulations for VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are included with each shipment. Application is fast, safe and easy. 

Exact Match. Genuine Cummins paints give your customers an exact match of the engine colors used in production. The color you buy will match perfectly with the color of the engine when it was new. 

Environmentally Friendly. Local environmental laws concerning clean air dictate that everyone associated with releasing non-compliant elements into the atmosphere (ozone layer) is subject to penalty if established limits are exceeded. Cummins is actively supporting these environmental laws. New paint formulations both in aerosol cans and gallons (water-based and oil-based) comply with current VOC regulations. Aerosol paints do not exceed 80% VOC. 

Important Reminder. Painting complete engines or touching up with aerosols directly affects the ozone layer. Many of the associated problems can be controlled with proper ventilation and filtration to capture "stray" VOC's. Take appropriate measures to comply with the latest environmental regulations.


  • Low VOC's
  • Exact color match
  • Environmentally safe
  • Convenient aerosols
  • Economical gallons (water- or oil-based)