Cummins E-Brake by Jacobs

Jacobs Vehicle Systems signed a supply agreement with Cummins in September 1995 for the development and supply of engine brakes for use on Cummins engines. Under the terms of the agreement, Cummins will market, distribute and service all of the engine braking products used on Cummins engines, and Jacobs will be the exclusive supplier.

This alliance will provide Cummins customers with state of the art engine braking products by optimizing engine and brake components and controls.

The Cummins Distribution and Dealer network is established as the source for all engine braking needs for Cummins engines. Cummins Distributors and Dealers are authorized to sell parts, service, administer warranty, and provide technical information on engine braking systems.

The engine braking systems for Cummins M11, M11 Plus, ISM and all N14 engines are branded the C Brake by Jacobs. Earlier production models carry the Jake Brake engine retarder brand name. In addition, the Cummins E Brake by Jacobs is the exhaust brake model for all Cummins 5.9 and 8.3 engines. The new ISL engine will be available with either a compression or an exhaust brake. In addition to the engine brake and exhaust brake kits, a full range of service parts and tune-up kits are available through the Cummins system. Cummins carries the warranty for all these products. The Cummins distribution network provides the customer with the advantage of "One-Stop Shopping" for all engine and engine braking needs.

Engine Model Brake Model

  • NT pre-1988 425A
  • NT 1988/89 430
  • L10 404D/404BG
  • N14 1991 440/440A
  • N14 1994 450A/450B
  • N14 Plus 455B/455C
  • M11/M11 Plus 411
  • ISM 411C

Product Line - Exhaust

  • Engine Model
  • B5.9 (Non Dodge)
  • B5.9 (Dodge)
  • C8.3
  • ISB (Non Dodge)
  • ISB (Dodge)
  • ISC